Saturday, October 9, 2010

Welcome to has gone through a face lift recently that will, I hope, make it easier to navigate.  There are tabs along the top of the site that break the various parts of the site into bite size pieces, so you don't have to scroll through everything looking for what you want to read or reread.

Although has gone through various changes over the years (we've been here since 2002) and has witnessed great strides in the LGBT world in general and the lesbian community in specific, our goal remains ever the same and that is to promote lesbian visibility in every arena of life.  Far too long lesbian love lurked in the shadows of society, but this web site is devoted to helping to change that through the power of community and the internet by promoting the work and play of lesbians in cyberspace.

We thank our readers who have remained faithful to this site despite the changes and sometimes the difficulties of staying afloat because of technological issues.  You may look to us to continue on our mission as always in "Making Lesbian Love Visible."

If anyone is interested in posting reviews for lesbian flicks, please let me know.  You'd get credit for the review plus a chance to link your lesbian-friendly web site for free.

If you are an author, poet, or an artist and would like to be represented here, please contact me.

If you own, operate, or work for a lesbian-friendly business (doesn't have to be lesbian in content), please contact me.

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