Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Evolution of a Logo

When I was first looking for an image for my original UltraVioletLove.com logo, I was using MS Publisher 2000 to build my web pages. I ended up looking for an image I thought might be suitable within the Microsoft free clipart library. What I ended up finding was unexpected, to say the least. I think I used something generic like "woman" or "woman's face" to search for an image. I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for, but I knew it when I found it. I had the motto in my head already, "Making Lesbian Love Visible," I just wasn't sure that I was going to find a image to go with it. However, when I stumbled upon the above image, something about it resonated with me. Here was this face that looks feminine to androgynous, peeking out from the surface of a rock. I have no idea where this sculpture exists in the world, but she has to me, at least, come to represent the solid foundation of lesbian her-story as it emerges from the background and begins to take on a three-dimensional existence. She is emerging from a shadowy past into the light of day. When I started UltraVioletLove.com, there were a few famous lesbians who had come out of the closet, but the number then pales in comparison to how many women have come of out the closet in the past ten years, since UltraVioletLove set out to increase lesbian visibility. While there are always ways to increase the visibility of lesbians in cyberspace, UltraVioletLove is now just one among multitudes instead of one among the few. 

This second murky image is an attempt to give this image a more easily inserted icon. It has been helpful for that purpose, but it somehow lost a little bit in the translation. By adding a colorful disk to the background and cleaning the image up a little bit, the logo has arrived with a more updated look that allows the traditional nature of it remain.

Here the original image from the rock remains, but the updated background allows the image that is clearly based in antiquity to pop a bit more. I like the results, and I plan to leave it as the face of UltraVioletlove.com. UltraVioletLove.com is now parting logos, if not ways, with UVL Publishing, which has a newer look, a look that is more compatible with today's technology. 

Unveiling the New UltraVioletLove Publishing Logo

Although it will remain the focus of UltraVioletLove to focus on news about lesbian artists and authors now that there is less of a sense of urgency about same-sex marriage and other equality issues. Lesbians are finding their place in cyberspace as well as the world in general. UltraVioletLove.com will be shifting its focus more to representing UltraVioletLove Publishing and its imprints.

UltraVioletLove Publishing arose from UltraVioletLove.com, which began in 2002 as a way to build community among lesbians working and playing in cyberspace. UltraVioletLove Publishing (UVL Publishing) was birthed in 2008 when I broke from my first publisher, which then allowed me either to find another publisher or to branch out on my own. Given that I had learned so much during ten years of working with and for my first publisher, I figured I could at least get my own works published. About the same time I was looking at print-on-demand technology, which I felt was the most responsible and practical route for me to use for self publishing, Amazon was branching out with their own brand of POD publishing company, CreateSpace.com. Not only did it offer everything all the other POD companies offered, but it offered most of it for free and was backed by what is undisputedly the biggest and most popular galaxy in the present book universe. When I realized how much legwork I wouldn't have to do by going through CreateSpace (and thus Amazon), I was sold. I credit their technology with allowing me to get so much accomplished in less than five years in the publishing business. I have now branched off into helping other writers to get published. I hope to see that expand while I continue to write and get my own new titles published as well. I see UVL Publishing as an ever expanding cluster of stars in the arms of this galaxy that also keeps expanding throughout the universe. 

In the future, UVL Publishing will encompass more than the lesbian community, although it will still remain predominantly a conduit of the LGBTQ community. It will include other facets of society, as long as those facets are respectful and supportive of the LGBTQ community. Anything that is less than respectful and supportive will have to find a different publishing home. With this in mind, I have designed a logo that will represent UVL Publishing, including works written by the lesbian community, but each imprint under the domain of this rainbow umbrella will have its own distinct logo and emphasis. 

And now to unveil the new UltraVioletLove Publishing logo...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

GCLS Guest Blog: Beth Mitchum


Those of you who know --or know or-- Beth Mitchum are well aware that she always seems to be doing something. She is an author, poet, singer/songwriter, editor, publisher, artist...I could go on an on. Beth shares with us her experiences at the 2011 Conference in Orlando and the 2012 Conference in Minneapolis.

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