Become a Distributor for UltraVioletLove Publishing

Here are the basic terms for becoming a distributor/bookseller for UltraVioletLove Publishing: 

UltraVioletLove Publishing places great emphasis on keeping expenses and waste to a minimum, so no orders over $200 are accepted until a distributor/bookseller has a proven track record for a high volume of sales, since we do not allow returns of product unless they are defective or damaged in transit. We must be notified within 10 days of any damaged or defective goods. Replacement copies will be sent once we receive the damaged goods back. All payments for orders placed are made up front via PayPal, check, or money order. Credit card payments go through PayPal for security reasons.

As a distributor/bookseller, you are allowed to purchase any and all titles published by UltraVioletLove Publishing for 50% of the listed retail price. You also pay shipping costs. Essentially the more books you buy at a time, the less per book the shipping will be. Shipping to US addresses is usually pretty fast and reasonable.

To give you an idea of shipping costs:

5 books ship for $5.95
10 books ship for $8.00
15 bks ship for $10.50

The shipping cost per book continues to decline with greater quantities. Overseas shipping is more of course. Minumum order is 5 copies of any titles, including all books and CDs. Our lowest priced book at present is $12.95, so your cost on a minimum order for this book would be $6.50X5=32.50 + $5.95 (shipping) for a total of $38.45. Most of our books are $15.95 to $16.95. You can place orders for copies of different titles in order to reach your required 5. You don't have to order 5 of any single title. While our inventory is still fairly small (about 12 titles), we publish 3-6 titles per year generally, so your choices expand as your business expands. New titles will become available every year.

You are at no time allowed to advertise any of our titles for less that 65% of the retail price, so if you ever need to reduce your stock for any reason, please bear that in mind.

You may use the books for fundraising and/or personal profit, and if you send us a link, we will link your company to ours to give people an opportunity to find you through other websites. Although your business doesn't have to be owned and/or operated by lesbians, it must be lesbian friendly.

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