Lynn Ames' Eyes on the Stars
(reprinted with permission from the Bookshop Without Borders website)

I confess that I read Lynn Ames' book, Eyes on the Stars, as a courtesy because we were becoming friends. I wanted to know what her work was like. Those of you who have read her books will be shaking your heads at me as though I were crazy. You will already be acquainted with the quality of her writing. Lynn Ames is a consummate professional. Her writing is excellent, and her stories are engaging. While this story was not exactly a light-hearted foray into lesbian fiction, as I suspected it wouldn't be, it was one of the best lesbian novels I've read to date, and I'd have to say as well that it is one of the best novels of any genre that I've read. Frankly I wouldn't even classify it as lesbian fiction. This particular story had a lot about it that smacked of American and women's history to it. It's apparent that the author did her homework when writing about the Women's Air Force Service Pilots (a.k.a., WASPs). Although there is a love story interwoven throughout the narrative, it is by no means a simple love affair or a happily ever after romance. It's true to life, somewhat gritty, and often gut-wrenching. When you strap yourself in and go for a ride with the women in this story, you'll find that their account stays with you long after you have touched down again. Thank you, Lynn, for a most excellent read. I look forward to reading more of your work. 

The Calluna Series by Lesley Davis
(Reprinted from the Bookshop Without Borders web site)

Made up of three books: Keeper of the Piece, Constellations of the Heart, and Woven in Life's Tapestry, these lesbian fantasy stories are nothing short of charming, and that's not a word I typically use for books. I used to work as an editor for and was published by the publisher of these titles, so I am more acquainted with them than the average reader. I read them several times before I was finished with them. While there are shortcomings in the actual publication of the works, which is the reason both of us have moved on to new publishers, there are no shortcomings in the stories themselves. If you enjoy fantasy and particularly lesbian fantasy stories (as in Sci Fi/Fantasy rather than erotica), you will enjoy these tales. While there are steamy moments in the books, the writing focuses on character and plot development rather than relying on sex to sell the books. 

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