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Sappho's Corner has extended the deadline for Rare Orchids: Sappho's Corner Poetry Series, Volume 6 until October 31, 2016. This extension will create a time crunch for me to get this book done by the end of the year, so please get your poems to me as soon as you can. See below for submission guidelines. Usually this deadline date is for the volume for the following year, so please act fast. I'd like to enjoy the holidays. ;)

Rare Orchids: Sappho's Corner Poetry Series, Volume 6
Celebrating lesbian love with an emphasis on exploring the rarity and delicate nature of long-lasting lesbian love. 


Sixty-Five by Jae Dee

Both the Kindle version and the print version are now published and available at Amazon. The Kindle price will be $5.99. The print version is only $7.99. Jae Dee has been part of the Sappho's Corner cadre of poets since Wet Violets: Sappho's Corner Poetry Series, Volume 2. She has poems in each of the subsequent anthologies. The poet has used poetry as a way to express her feelings since her teenage years. Much of her work has been lost over the years.

Rare Orchids: Sappho's Corner Poetry Series, Volume 6
Celebrating lesbian love with an emphasis on exploring the rarity of long-lasting lesbian love. 

Poetry Submissions Guidelines: 

I need all poetry submissions to be sent as follows:

You may send up to 12 poems for consideration, although no more than 10 will be published in any single anthology. Poems may be submitted between August 1st and October 31st of every year. They must be emailed to: sapphoscorner@gmail.com. I should get a single email from each poet sending submissions and ALL poems should be included in that one email either in the body of the email itself OR as a single Word attachment that includes ALL poems. Opening individual attachments for each poem is time consuming for me because I have to copy and paste them into the text after reformatting them so they don't tamper with the manuscript template. If you don't know if this is how you sent your email, please refer to your Sent box in your email program. Your poems will be put in the rejected poems file until they are sent in the correct form. If they are then resent in the correct format, then they will go back in the queue to be reviewed for content suitability. You should receive an auto reply message back immediately indicating that your email has been received. If you do, please do not email me to ask if your email was received. The point of the auto reply to tell you, "yes, your email went to the right planet and did not get lost in cyberspace in some unnamed nebula." Depending on the submissions deadline and the date you submitted poems for the particularly anthology, you may not hear back from me for months. Please be patient. If you got your autoreply, then I got your email. If there is something wrong, I will check with you.

What I need from you for your poetry to be considered:

No more than 12 poems that are on topic--see below for topic/theme info
The name you want to be published under--your real name is optional.
A poet's bio (look in your favo(u)rite author's books to see examples of this)
Include in your bio, any website URLs or blogs you use publicly if you want to promote your related work. Also include any publications, including this series, in which you have been published. Part of the point of inclusion in this anthology series is EXPOSURE of your work. Self promotion is critical at this point, so don't be shy. If you've won awards, let me know. If you have other publications, please list them. I want to help you to promote YOU. I can always, edit as necessary to make sure it fits on a single page. Your bio and/or poet photo may come in a separate email from the poems themselves, but they must also be received by October 31st.  If at least 5 of your poems are included in any single volume, you will receive 5 free poet copies. If less than that are accepted, you will receive a free digital copy of that volume. No matter what, if you become a Sappho's Corner poet, you will automatically gain distributor/bookstore status, and be allowed to purchase any UltraVioletLove Publishing for 50%off, plus shipping. You may resell the books for a profit or give away as gifts. You may also keep the books for your own personal library. You are welcome and encouraged to use this feature to earn money for your writing habits. It also comes in handy for book signings.

Further Clarifications:

It needs to be very clear where one poems stops and the next begins. Please separate poems in the body of an email by BOLDING the title or inserting ************* so I'll have a clue. Sometimes in the copy and paste and/or email process, spacing and formatting is lost, so while it may be perfectly clear when you send it, what I received may not look anything like the original file. The translation from Mac to PC does interesting things too. If you send the poems in a single Word file, you may insert a page break in between poems. If a poem runs over onto another page, please wait to insert a page break until the end of the poem.

The way it's easiest for me to get these poems is if they arrive all together in the body of the text of the email. However, if you already have a Word file or find it easier to create one for the submitted poems, that is fine as long as I get a single attachment with all poems with page breaks suitably inserted or indicated.

Foreword to Fallen Petals: Sappho's Corner Poetry Series, Volume 5

I had in mind when I started this project to compile a book of poetry, written by contemporary lesbian
for contemporary lesbians in the tradition of Sappho, who in the 6th to 7th century, B.C.E., wrote tender love
poetry and songs about women. By the third century B.C.E., some ten volumes of verse penned by Sappho had been collected. Unfortunately very little of her work is extant. Most of it was incinerated by the early Christian Church, first in 380 C.E., and then even more thoroughly in 1073 C.E., in an effort to suppress her work and influence. Only one entire poem remains intact. The rest of her extant works are fragments, the longest of which consists of sixteen lines. Everything that survived the fiery persecution of this great Poetess works survived as a result of references to and quotes from her poems in other works that escaped the reach of her persecutors.

Sappho, born circa 630 B.C.E. on the Greek island of Lesbos, lived in a community of women who gathered often to enjoy social activities and share poems and songs they had written. These female communities and the poetry celebrating love between women resulted in the term lesbian being applied to women wh love women. The term sapphic eventually became synonymous with lesbian because of Sappho’s association with her birthplace, Lesbos. Indeed any inhabitant of Lesbos is considered a Lesbian, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The poetic term Sapphic form, however, is used of the type of poetic meter in which Sappho wrote, rather than the content of her poems.

Sappho was the most famous female poet of her time and many argue that she is the most famous poetess of all time. In ancient times, when one referred to the Poet, it was known that the reference was to Homer,who pennebotThe Iliad anThe  Odyssey. When mention was made of "the Poetess," it was 
commonly known that the reference was to Sappho.

All of this cultural history was in the back of my mind when I first established the branch of my UltraVioletLove.com website called Sappho’s Corner,” and when I put out the call for submissions for a collection of poetry written by women in celebration of lesbian love, I was nearly overwhelmed by the response. The first volume of poetry filled up quickly and led me to set aside the overflow of poems for this second volume. Already the poems are lining up for volume three, Roses Read, which is slated for release in the fall of 2012. I am moved that so many women are answering the call for submissions for this project, and I’m delighted that there are already four volumes carrying the Sappho’s Cornelabel. It has been in my mind  foover a decade to honor Sappho in some tangible way as the founding mother of these ancient roots of tender
lesbian love poetry. It is a dream come true to be able to do that both in these volumes that celebrate 
lesbian love in poetry and also with the poetry collections in the Sappho’s Corner Solo Poets Series.

I offer my heartfelt thanks to all of the women who have been brave enough to share their tender and often verypersonal poems with me and now with the world as well. Some needed a little coaxing, while others were ready and willing right at the start of this project. From start to finish, this has been a cooperative work, multi-cultural and international in scope. I couldn’t have brought this project to  fruitio s quickly without the cooperation of all the poets and artists who lent their talents to the effort. Thank you, ladies. I appreciate each and every one of you, and Im delighted to have undertaken this project with you.

Thank you too to our readers for being adventurous enough to pick up a book of poetry written by a 
grouof women, some who are occasional poets, and others who are prolific in writing verse. A number ofthe poets represented here are also novelists and writers of other genres. For a complete listing of eacpoet’s writing accomplishments, please refer to their bios at the beginning of their poetry selections and the back matter of this book.

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