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Sappho's Corner will be accepting poetry submissions for Fallen Petals: Sappho's Corner Poetry Series, Volume 5 between August 1st and October 31st. There is a slight tweak to the usual theme of lesbian love in the tradition of Sappho, the ancient Greek poetess, from whence the terms "lesbian" and "sapphic" came to be applied to women-loving-women. We are going to focus a bit more on love gone wrong, grown cold, gone unrequited, etc. It's perfectly fine for the love to come full circle and get reignited and it's still fine if the poems are still simply about love. Early volumes contained love gone wrong poems, but this one will contain more of them since so many of us can identify with that. The poems are still about seducing readers rather than graphic, in-your-face sex. Sex is okay within the context of a love poem, of course, but think R rated, rather than X.  X-rated poems are not desired because that would require me to slap an adult content label on the books, thus disqualifying the book for ranking on Amazon. It also changes the category for GCLS Goldie Awards. Sexy is welcome, but erotica is not in this particular series. Only poems that stay on topic will be considered.

Submissions are accepted each year between August 1st and October 31st every year. Please honor this time frame because I clear the email box out in between volumes. Please send poetry to You should receive an auto-reply message if you send anything during those months. 

See for more info.

UltraVioletLove Publishing is now accepting lesbian short story submissions for Hot! Out of the Oven series. No set length, but somewhere in between 2-25 pages. You won't be rejected if it's a little less or a little more. That's just a rule of thumb. Not all thumbs are the same size, and you'll know that if you read the book or watched the movie, Even Cowgirls Get the Bluesso don't worry if your thumbs are not the same size as ours. Submit your story anyway.

We are looking for sexy lesbian short stories. Lesbian fiction is the genre rather than erotica. There is no sub-genre unless we start getting a preponderance of certain types of stories, for which we're more likely to do a separate book. I'm not looking for erotica without a story line. Descriptions of sex scenes should be hot, not simply anatomical and gratuitous.The basic elements of good writing should be present: interesting plot, good characterization and descriptive writing, conflict/tension, and resolution to a degree. Collaborative efforts are welcome as well.

The deadline for admissions is ongoing until a volume is sufficiently filled to start another one.

Short Fiction Q and A:

Q: How do we submit our short stories? How many can we send?

A: Please send your stories to Up to 3 stories may be sent although they may not all be used in the first anthology. There may be more anthologies to follow if the project proves successful. You may copy and paste them into the body of an email or send them as attachments in MS Word 2000 or later.

Q: How do we know the stories were received?

A: There should be an automatic reply from the email box.

Q: What kind of stories are you looking for?

A: Ones written by women for women. Don't care about your orientation, only the woman-loving-woman nature of the stories. By the way, we don't care if you are lesbian, bisexual, or exploring. It is the subject matter that must be lesbian. Women loving women.

Q: What do we get for having a story included in this publication?

A: Several things. See list below.

*5 free copies of the book for your personal and/or promotional use or for resale, if your submission is accepted.
*Bragging rights for being published.
*The opportunity to purchase additional copies for 50% off the retail price and the right to resell it at whatever price you choose as long as it isn't advertised at less than 60% off the retail price when listed for sale as NEW.
*Inclusion of an author's bio (submitted by you) at any web site owned by UltraVioletLove Publishing and its subsidiaries that promote the book. In other words, greater exposure and an opportunity to make money by selling the books directly.

Q: Is this a vanity press? Does it cost anything to be included?

A: No and no. Stories must be of high quality in order to be included. UltraVioletLove Publishing assumes all the cost of getting the book published in print and ebook format. The amount of money each individual writer receives is based on how much marketing she does to sell copies of the book herself. The proceeds from online sales (print and digital) not sold by the writers directly go to UltraVioleLove Publishing to cover the cost of this project and to fund further publishing projects.

Q: Will there be other anthologies in the future?

A: As long as UltraVioletLove Publishing can recoup the financial investment, there will be future volumes of lesbian fiction.

Q: What is the reason for publishing these anthologies?

A: Primarily to give new writers a foot in the door in the publishing industry and/or greater exposure while being included and/or paired with established authors.

Q: What book stores will stock this title?

A: It will be available to any book store in the world. Who carries it is determined by the bookstores. It will automatically be stocked by and their international warehouses as well. Barnes and Noble will have it in Nook and in print. Amazon will have print and Kindle. It will also be released in Kobo format for those companies and readers who use this type of e-reader. Many online bookstores, like Abebooks and Alibris, will pick it up as well. The potential is as limitless as the internet itself. UltraVioletLove Publishing will advertise it at their websites and any subsidiaries where it would be relevant to visitors to those sites. Writers may also approach their local independent and see if they are interested in selling it and/or doing readings and book signings. That is entirely up to the writers themselves.

Q: What about author signings?

A: Again, this is entirely up to the writers themselves. UltraVioletLove Publishing does not plan to set up any signings or readings. However, it will publish your signing information and if a special opportunity arises we will consider setting up a signing. It will also act as a contact point if multiple writers want to join forces for a reading/signing. UVL will also assist writers in getting a supply of books for your event and help you to decide how many copies to purchase for the event.

Beth Mitchum, Editor-in-Chief of UltraVioletLove Publishing and its subsidiaries.

Rainbow Voices Around the World: Is it Okay to Be Me?

UltraVioletLove Publishing is calling for submissions for your stories about life as a person who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) in YOUR part of the world, wherever that may be. Is it okay to be LGBTQ where you live? Tell us about some of your life experiences and about the laws there, if you know what they are. Sometimes the laws don't tell the whole story. What is it like socially and culturally where you live? Does your family religion impact your social acceptability? One important aspect of this is safety. Do you feel safe being out where you live? People from all regions of the US and around the world are greatly encouraged to represent their perspectives.

In 2009, I did an informal survey, asking members of the newly formed Facebook group, LGBT Worldwide, if it was safe to be gay in their part of the world. I was startled by the results of that poll and decided that I wanted to hear more about life as an LGBTQ person in various parts of the world--politically, socially, religiously, etc. I figure that I'm not the only person in the world who would find this topic interesting. Thus this anthology of informal social studies is born.  The proposed title for this anthology of autobiographical essays is Rainbow Voices Around the World: Is it Okay to Be Me? This may or may not change between now and publication next year. Your story can be up to 5000 words. There is a word count tool at the very bottom of this page if you're unfamiliar with how to track that.

Refer any questions regarding Rainbow Voices to We will begin a Q and A as we get questions. Send submissions for Rainbow Voices Around the World to RainbowVoices.UVL@gmail. com. You will get a reply of receipt soon afterwards. If you don't, please resend or post to the UltraVioletLove Publishing wall on Facebook or Beth Mitchum's wall on Facebook.  

The deadline for submissions is ongoing until the book is full. Future volumes will be considered as long as the books prove to be financially viable. 


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Call for Submissions

Sappho's Corner is calling for submissions from new and established voices for lesbian-themed poetry. The kind of poetry we're looking for is the kind written by the ancient Greek Poetess, Sappho of the island of Lesbos. She wrote of love and sensuality between women, and that is the kind we're seeking for this anthology. We are interested in poems by women about women that seduce, caress, ponder, and make love to your body and soul.  The topic is lesbian love. Sexuality can be expressed, but we're not interested in graphic eroticism. Think R rated movie rather than XXX. It can also address love between women without mentioning the sex. It can be about lesbian love in general or the love in your life. Be sure that it would appeal to a broad audience of readers of lesbian literature. No particular form of verse is required.

Goldie Award Finalist in Poetry 2013


Waves of Passion

I watch as the waves of passion
     wash over your body,
transforming the expressions
     on your countenance.
I study your replies to the many
     ways I find to touch you,
ways that lead you to new levels
     of pleasure and excitement.
I smile as your body responds
     in such a total way
to the love that flows from my heart,
     through my hands, into you.


candlelight flickers
shadows frame your face
form intricate patterns
fingers long to trace

your eyes like embers smolder
passion leaps like flames
soft and rounded shoulders
play erotic games

breasts so soft and tender
nipples like my touch
fingers long and slender
love your hands so much

your arms, strong and firm
hold me close at night
curved hips sway and squirm
love's fire, hearts ignite

gentle squeezes, warming kisses
pleasure in your thighs
knowing touches, never-misses
secret signals, blissful sighs


Soft flesh the color of Lesbos sand
breasts shaped like dunes along the shore
eyes as blue as the ocean's depths
lips as startling as the lovely coral

Sappho's successor, you are my poetess
hiding your treasures in a tangle of words
enticing others to search their subtleties
for the nuggets offered to those who seek

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