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UltraVioletLove Publishing arose from UltraVioletLove.com, which began in 2002 as a way to build community among lesbians working and playing in cyberspace. UltraVioletLove Publishing (UVL Publishing) was birthed in 2008 when I broke from my first publisher, which then set me free either to find another publisher or to branch out on my own. Given that I had learned so much during ten years of working with and for my first publisher, I figured I could at least get my own works published. About the same time I was looking at print-on-demand technology, which I felt was the most responsible and practical route for me to use for self publishing, Amazon was branching out with their own brand of POD publishing company, CreateSpace.com. Not only did it offer everything all the other POD companies offered, but it offered most of it for free and was backed by what is indisputably the biggest and most popular galaxy in the present book universe. When I realized how much legwork I wouldn't have to do by going through CreateSpace (and thus Amazon), I was sold. I credit their technology with allowing me to get so much accomplished in less than five years in the publishing business. I have now branched off into helping other writers to get published. I hope to see that expand while I continue to write and get my own new titles published as well. I see UVL Publishing as an ever expanding cluster of stars in the arms of this galaxy that also keeps expanding throughout the universe. 

Up to this point, I had not separated UltraVioletLove.com and UltraVioletLove Publishing, but given that UVL Publishing encompasses more than the lesbian community, the time has come where that is going to become more and more apparent. UVL Publishing will remain predominantly a conduit of the LGBTQ community, but it will open its doors to include other facets of society, as long as those facets are respectful and supportive of the LGBTQ community. Anything that is less than respectful and supportive will have to find a different publishing home. With this in mind, I have designed a logo that will represent UVL Publishing, including all things written by the lesbian community, but each imprint under the domain of this rainbow umbrella will have its own distinct, yet interlaced, logo and emphasis. These logos and distinctions will become more and more visible as each of them come into the light as separate entities. 

And now to unveil the new UltraVioletLove Publishing logo...

UltraVioletLove Publishing is a the publishing arm of UltraVioletLove.com. The objective of UltraVioletLove Publishing is to get new titles into print quickly and efficiently, using today's marvelous technology. Authors who are interested in making more money for themselves can quickly get their books into print and begin selling online immediately. Authors published by UltraVioletLove Publishing will not only retain all rights, but they will make all the profits. The only monies UltraVioletLove Publishing receive are for editing, layout, and cover design services used by the author to get their books into print. Because the main distributors of these titles are online print on demand businesses and the authors themselves, most of the middlemen are cut out, giving the author an opportunity to make more than the usual 10-20% on the wholesale cost of the book. Depending on the price set for an individual title, an author can conceivably make three to four times the amount of money they would make through a traditional publisher. But you have to be willing to get out there and promote your books.  This is actually pretty easy with today's online social networking communities.  You should also snag yourself a website. You can get a free blog at Blogger.com, if you don't mind having a long URL, or you can try to get the website name of your choice, a traditional .com, .net, .biz, etc.  Through Blogger.com this costs a whopping ten dollars a year, and it's incredibly easy to build a web site using their templates. There's no need for html or any other specialized training or knowledge.

UltraVioletLove.com began as a way for one author to build a community, while promoting her own work in cyberspace. Like UltraVioletLove.com, UltraVioletLove Publishing is about providing opportunities for individuals to move forward in fulfilling their dreams by connecting with others who are like-minded. UltraVioletLove Publishing is about promoting the work of authors, no matter what labels they embrace. Diversity is welcomed. Respect for others is required.

If you have a book that is ready or nearly ready for publication, send us an email at: uvlpublishing@gmail.com.

Upcoming and Existing Genres:

Lesbian Poetry (Sappho's Corner)
Metaphysical Fiction and Non-Fiction  (Mystic Angel Healing and Clarion Press)
Non-Fiction Anthologies

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