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Sandra Moran is a fresh voice with a huge talent. I highly recommend her book, Letters Never Sent

Caren J Werlinger

Caren was raised in Ohio, the oldest of four children. Much of her childhood was spent reading Nancy Drew and Black Stallion books, and crafting her own stories. She completed a degree in foreign languages and later another degree in physical therapy where for many years, her only writing was research-based, including a therapeutic exercise textbook. She has lived in Virginia for over twenty years where she practices physical therapy, teaches anatomy and lives with her partner and their canine fur-children. She began writing creatively again about ten years ago. Her first novel, Looking Through Windows, won a Golden Crown Literary Society Award for debut author.

A New Title from Caren

I am thrilled to announce the release of Miserere, the first book from my new publishing company, Corgyn Publishing. It's an exciting story that travels between 1968 and the 1850s through the Civil War. The book has been beautifully enhanced by the cover art of Patty Henderson and the interior formatting and typesetting of Catherine Wilson. The e-book is available now from both Amazon and Smashwords, and the paperback should be available within a week or so. I've pasted the links below:

I have had the pleasure of editing two of Caren Werlinger's books and know her work to be of a very high quality. I am thrilled that she has broken out into the self-publishing world. I look forward to reading her new book and I hope you will try out this author. I highly recommend her books to anyone enjoys excellent writing.

Beth Mitchum
Cover Blurb:
Everything can change in a second and nothing is ever the same. Emily had to rebuild her life... her sense of self. How far would she go to hold on to a dream? Emily Warner moves to Vermont hoping for a fresh start. Anything to forget the past four years. She didn't plan on the past finding her. And she didn't plan on Ann Hight. Ann helps Emily through a crisis, and re-awakens emotions Emily thought she would never experience again. For Ann, what she begins to feel for Emily promises everything she never knew she needed. Just when it seems they've found the love they've yearned for, fate conspires to tear them apart. Even if they can somehow hang on despite all the obstacles thrown at them, Emily still has to face the biggest obstacle of all - herself.

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Amazon Author Page of Michele DeMeo

Kindle Editions

March 30, 2012
Blue Feather Books is extremely pleased to announce the release of Appointment with a Smile, the compelling, lyrical novel by Kieran York, author of the Royce Madison Mysteries.

For artist Danielle O'Hara, even though romance is nonexistent and her art career has nearly stagnated, she's reasonably content with her circumstances. Then, when she's nearly sixty years old, the greatest adventure of her life begins.
Danielle leaves her Colorado home to attend her first major solo art exhibit in London. While roaming through a street market, Danielle catches sight of her first and only true love, Molly, who had left Colorado and their relationship thirty years earlier.
Danielle never accepted Molly's explanation that the reason their relationship had dissolved was Danielle's compulsion to paint. Although the art world has provided Danielle only minimal recognition, an undying belief in herself has kept her moving forward.
Her encounter with Molly forces Danielle to revisit the past and to confront an uncertain future. In addition to finding Molly again after three decades, she meets Bethany Cortland, a beguiling, confident woman, who is all that Danielle desires in a woman-everything, that is, except that she's not Molly.
The London journey takes Danielle on a trip to the interior of her heart, a place where previously, only her art had been allowed. Now, against her will, she discovers that love and professional success have their own agendas and timetables.

A Dramatically Different Direction is a poignant, funny, and heart-rending autobiographical commentary on disability by a 66-year-old bi-racial, lesbian, Buddhist in a wheelchair. With razor sharp wit and well balanced cynicism, Margaret Mann share her unique perspective in a series of essays that offer uplifting insights about the nature of suffering. She has a keen awareness of how each of us will suffer in life to the same degree we wish things were different. From her perspective as a Buddhist, Margaret offers advice on how to deal with the sudden onset of a serious disability and the slippery slope of aging.

A Novel by Jeri Estes

In Stilettos and Steel, Jeri Estes has created a novel that is both original and profound. Her story is one that has never, to my knowledge, been told before. We usually see prostitutes, lesbians, and drug addicts as minor characters in TV detective shows that either show up as victims as murder, or scared, pathetic, witnesses to a crime. The characters here are big, real, and well-developed. The story is spellbinding. This rapid paced novel reveals truth, love, and understanding that has never truly been accorded to this omnipresent, alternative world. Life of the edge has rarely been described so graphically, and so well. Jeri told the story that so many, every day, lose the opportunity to tell. I hope there is more to come.--43tdocherty

Books by Marguerite Mullaney

Upcoming L-Book by Phair


Rachel's Journey Home by Lynn Lawler


Q. Kelly's Books

While Q. Kelly is fairly new to the roster of published authors, she is already prolific, so there's lots to dive right into and more to come. 


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